One Whole Chicken                                                                                             $24

Fresh, local, Draper Valley 3lb chicken broken into 12 pieces:

2 thighs, 2 drumsticks, 2 wings, 2 breast tenders, 2 breasts cut in half


One Half Chicken                                                                                                 $13

Half of one fresh 3lb pound Draper Valley chicken broken into 6 pieces:

1 thigh, 1 drumstick, 1 wing, 1 breast tenders, 1 breast cut in half


Breast Strips                                                                                                            $8

Skinless, boneless strips, one sauce of your choice included


Chicken and Biscuit 

Boneless thigh served on a biscuit, with fried chicken gravy                         $5


Chicken and Waffles

Our breast strips served on fresh Belgian waffle squares. Served with plum maple syrup.                 $7


SIDES                                                                                                                          $2

Yukon mashed potatoes and fried chicken gravy

Biscuit and fried chicken gravy

Rotating specials ($2-3)


Sauces:                                                                                                                        $.50

Roasted Garlic Aoli

Ginger plum sesame

Sriracha mayo


Soda:                                                                                                                            $2

Mr. Cola

Bulldog Root Beer

Cock n Bull Ginger Beer

Jic Jac Blue Rasberry

Bubble Up Lemon Lime

Frostie Cherry Limeade

Americana  Cherry Cola, Black Cherry, Orange Cream, Honey Cream

Bedford’s  Ginger Ale, Vanilla Cream, Orange Cream

Oso Grape

Lemmy sparkling lemonade






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